Happy Monday

Happy Monday

A new, short-burst, industry podcast available every Monday from 7am GMT.

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    Episode 73: Gemma Bennett

    Gemma Bennett is a wellness expert based in the UK that's shining a light on the issues in our industry no one wants to talk about.

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    Episode 72: Sarah and Josh

    In this episode, Sarah and Josh discuss the ins and outs of using design skills to create and sell physical products.

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    Episode 71: Sarah and Josh

    In part three of this series, Josh and Sarah discuss building digital products.

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    Episode 70: Sarah and Josh

    In part 2 of this series, Sarah and Josh talk about the importance and truths of side projects.

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    Episode 69: Sarah and Josh

    Sarah and Josh discuss client work as part one of a series on transitioning between clients, projects and products.

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    Episode 68: Sarah and Josh

    Sarah and Josh discuss travel, the business of Blushbar & Patterns, writing books, and filming Under the Dome.

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    Episode 64: Sarah and Josh

    Sarah and Josh call for a bit of reform in our industry's conference circuit.

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